Who are Geographic Digital?

We at Geographic Digital are a new freelance travelling designers partnership Hayley (left) and Leah (right), nice to meet you!

The two of us are Graphic Designers, travelling the world with our love, passion and profession at our fingertips. Everyone is faced with graphic design on a daily basis, therefore we have chosen to use this to our advantage and take inspiration from our journey. This will be through visiting the different cultures and absorbing the way in which they design.

We have decided to start our freelance career using this site by combining tips, tricks and trips relating to:
Travels, our journey and showcasing our joint portfolio as graphic designers (contact us if you want to discuss working with us here) As time goes on, we wish to help you with fulfilling your own dream, working on the go, needing only an internet connection.

We are both from England and have received our BA Hons Degree in Graphic Design. Furthermore, we both have industry experience. This is our business and we will always put customers first, no matter where we are.

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Leah & Hayley x

Snorkelling in Zante
Snorkelling in Zante

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