i-TAS Rebranding

i-TAS approached us for a complete rebranding. They are a international company within the car market. i-TAS operate in a very unique market, therefore the rebranding proved a creative challenge to us.


To create a successful rebrand, we also explored the original branding. It consisted of a homemade logo that was placed on a business card. Our aim for the rebranding was to create a simple yet distinguishable brand. The most important being a logo and set of brand assets. Utilisable on and offline.

Firstly, we had to understand what the company does. i-TAS are a vehicle component testing company – primarily for break pads. This is where the logo shape comes from. However we did not want to entirely limit the company’s potential expansion and future growth, hence we did not draw a detailed literal break pad. This would avoid requiring further rebrands at later date.

We also began to understand further the key role China played in the company’s operation. From this stemmed the colour red. In China this is as an extremely lucky colour. In England, it means adventure, energy, and power. As a result, it was a no brainer. Red had to be incorporated. Furthermore, we incorporated the map of the world. This is representative of the other cities that play a part in i-TAS’s operations.



Finally, the outcomes that were produced for i-TAS were:

  • A new logo and brand assets.
  • Double sided business cards.
  • A detailed company brochure.
  • A company presentation.

As a result of working with i-TAS, it has proved very valuable for us to undergo this rebranding project. Furthermore, it was our first experience working with an international company, and we found the market research side of things were very beneficial; It was our first project taking inspiration from another culture. We definitely look forward to working with i-TAS again in the future.

Working in this manner is something we wish to pursue. Ultimately, we would like our travels and experiences to inspire our designs.

Hayley & Leah x

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